Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pisces Loves Us, This We Know

"We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness."
   -   Thich Nhat Hanh
    Somewhere deep down we know we're supposed to "get" the idea that All is One. The Enlightened Ones have told us that everything we know, the particularities that distinguish one thing from another in the world are all illusory. Let's face it though: It's impossible to actually comprehend this; we have to take things separately in order to be human on this planet. If we didn't, a lot of things: day and night, for instance, wet and dry, good and bad, black and white, dead and alive etc....would make no sense to our human brains. 
    Thankfully the energy of Pisces is a helpful vehicle for getting a better grasp on this truth hidden behind the illusion. Spending time with Pisces energy might begin to arouse our dormant inkling that whatever reaches our senses is made of the same stuff: love in its infinite expressions. 
     How does Pisces teach this, and how can we get hold of this vibration? During the month that the earth is awash with Pisces energy (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20) we always have the opportunity to tap into these lessons, just by noticing, and knowing what to look for. Also by exploring the Pisces vibe carried in ourselves or others. Pisces' Children (folks with one or more natal planets* in Pisces), when circumstances are aligned, can actually see our spiritual connection, either with their eyes, or other senses, or perhaps a 6th sense. We often notice Pisces people have psychic abilities. I'd venture to say any psychic out there has some vein of Pisces running through their chart somewhere. Is there some connection between being psychic and being spiritually enlightened? From a Piscean point of view I'd say "yes." Imagine you could glimpse past the obvious forms of things into a vast field of Unity. Once you're "in" that field, you have virtual access to glimpses of everything everywhere: past, future, hidden and far away. It's from this place that Pisces' children can sense things to which the rest of us are blind. 
    You may have heard that Pisces rules the feet. What does that mean? Aren't our feet connected to our rooting in earthly matter, giving us stability in the here and now? How is that spiritual? For a Pisces, though, one foot (metaphorically) is on earth, while the other one is placed in Heaven, or the Great "All is One." View it through another image of Pisces: the fish. It is always depicted as two fish swimming in opposite directions. The water represents our emotional intelligence, the medium through which Pisces operates, and one fish is moving upstream (toward "Heaven") while the other moves downstream (toward Earth).
     So, given the right circumstances, a "Child of Pisces" could look at you and see you as you are, while at the same time see beyond your earthly limits, right to your true, perfected soul. In fact, this is what Pisces is looking for all the time. Once your perfected soul has been acknowledged like this, its easier to sense it in yourself. You may get a feeling of being uplifted, or have a better understanding of your true purpose, or even a greater acceptance of your circumstances. This is why Pisces children can make great spiritual leaders or counselors, healers or inspirational artists. They are here to show us the beautiful truth that we all lose sight of as humans. Through them we can be reminded why we have taken this form at this time and retrieve some meaning out of it all. At their best, their work is done gently, with a poet's hand, even when they're on earth as  auto-mechanics or tax accountants. In the act of turning wrenches, signing papers, or feeding babies, they are also feeling their way into the shining state of perfection behind it all, and helping it to manifest in our world. Not all Pisces are Mother Theresas, but in the heart of each Child of Pisces there is a willingness to go beneath even our dark and tangled suffering to find the core of pure light.
         The story of Jesus Christ is a great example of a Piscean Journey. Its no wonder that the story of Christ has been so popular in the last twenty or so centuries. It is a perfect metaphor for our Global view during the Piscean Age (now concluding after 2,000 years on the planet.) His humble birth under a bright star, his years of isolation in the desert, his resurfacing to share his message - the message of love. It is shown over and over in his words and deeds, and even through miraculous feats that defy earthly physics. In the end, Christ suffers, and ultimately he sacrifices his own life so that we might all know the power of God's love. One can debate this by citing details of his life told through the Bible, but beneath that debate we can all feel the story of his love, his sacrifice and his breaking through the ego traps to a compassion that eases the suffering of others. 
Pisces out of Balance 
      All astrological energies can and will go out of balance in the people who carry them. We are here to learn through our given astro energies; we don't always know how to handle them properly until life matures our understanding. We are always working on balancing our energies so we can share our lessons for the benefit of all.
    Pisces does not give us the easy job. To do it well takes great sacrifice on the part of Pisces' Children. Sometimes the Pisces' Child will ignore his/her own health or human needs for the sake of their deep belief in perfecting and revealing the unseen in the world around them. They sometimes forget about the basic rules of our physical bodies. They sometimes forget that a strong ego is necessary to operate successfully on this planet. The power of the spirit can be so close and clear to them that they misread ways that the world can be unkind. They can get consumed by the ideal world, and don't see the blows coming at them from the real world. And they suffer.  The Piscean heart often needs a safe shelter from harsh reality. They often seek sanctuary and solitude when reality gets hard to accept. A Pisces usually needs a retreat where he/she is undisturbed by the real world for a while and free to create a world from imagination alone.  Falling out of balance stems from a disappointment in how the world really is. It never matches up to the ideal, and the ideal can seem more real than reality. Having one foot on earth and one in heaven can lead to confusion about which foot we're stepping on. After placing so much belief in the perfection of the world and her people, only a small fraction is ever actually realized. A Piscean retreat from reality can become an all-out escape from it. These escapes can become damaging - abusing drugs, alcohol or other substances, anything to take the edge off. Their faith in others can be so complete that it becomes gullibility. They can be beguiled, cheated or betrayed without seeing it coming. This in turn can create further resentment toward our imperfect world. 

During This month 

 "I got a crown. All God's Children got a crown. When I get to heaven gonna try on my crown, gonna walk all over God's heaven."

        Pisces energy is constantly dipping back and forth between the worlds, and during this time of Pisces, any of us may get intuitive hits about our hidden operating system. We might even be moved to stretch or strengthen our compassion muscle a bit. Or we might have a telling dream, a visit from the subconscious, that connection to our soul. We might notice something painfully beautiful and want to share it through a work of art. Our meditations may be richer, our prayers, more fulfilling, our visions, clearer. This time of year I begin to really envision what my gardens will look like, or spring projects, and I start to make glorious plans for them. I also have cravings to hole up somewhere under the radar and nestle next to a book or write. I have experienced weird fears and debilitating generosity. On the other hand, clouds have parted on stubborn issues, making way for an unexplained forgiveness for myself or others. See what happens to you in these remaining weeks.  
       Our world stumbles along, dirty, broken, blind and wasteful, egos destroying our planet. Nobody is getting it right and we miss more balls than we catch. Pisces energy can help redeem our light. Through it we might see the web that holds us all together. We might take some small step toward our ideals, we might hold another in the light and relieve a little suffering. It's never wrong to thank a Child of Pisces for the work they're doing, even if they aren't doing it just perfectly.

I hear the crying of the hungry
In the deserts where they're wandering
Hear them crying out for Heaven's own
Benevolence upon them...

So, while you sit and whistle Dixie
With your money and your power
I can hear the flowers growing
In the rubble of the towers
I hear leaders quit their lyin'
I hear babies quit their cryin'
I hear soldiers quit their dyin', one and all

I hear them all, I hear them all, I hear them all....

 - Old Crow Medicine Show

*planets in Pisces could include Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and/or Mars. Other planets and house placements can also affect how the Pisces energy works in you. Consult your local astrologer to find out more about your personal natal chart.